Top Consultant Listing

Thousands of clients come to Kawiwi to find Top Consultants like you.

Clients search and filter consultants based on price, profiles, ratings, and more. 

Consultants who are highly rated with a Top Consultant Listing have high chances of getting more clients.


Recommendation to clients

When our clients are not happy with the service of consultants, we will refer them to highly rated Top Consultants. This gives you an opportunity to easily get clients in your category if you have great reviews.



Marketing campaigns inclusion

We will run advertising through social media, Google Adwords, radio and TV, as well as send weekly email newsletters and messenger campaigns featuring articles of our Top Consultants

Focus on your clients

We understand how difficult it can be for consultants to do both marketing and consulting. You can outsource the dirty work to us so you can focus on doing what you love. That's what smart entrepreneurs do.

Pay as low As $24.99/month

For all the exclusive benefits of being a Top Consultant (Top Consultant Listing, Exclusive Marketing and Recommendation), you will only pay as low as $24.99 per month.


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